Making the Most of Your Lip Product Business

When you chose to embark on the journey of business ownership, you took a leap of faith. You decided to take a risk on yourself and invest time, money, and passion. Entrepreneurship is a special calling not for the faint of heart or weak of mind. But of course, you know that-- you're living it!

The unending task list that comes along with owning your own lip product business can be daunting. Every task is important. One of the main goals of the Lip Kit Laboratory Blog is to help motivate you to complete your less enjoyable tasks, while inspiring you to create, market, and sell unique and desirable products that you'll not only be proud of creating, but that your customers will love and come back for more.


One of the many keys to success as a small business owner is to offer a product that differs from the rest. Lip Kit Laboratory offers four unique, proprietary lip base formulas. While every other bulk lip gloss base vendor offers Versagel (We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Versagel, Calumet Specialty Products, Penreco, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.), we want to give you, and thus your customers, the option of something different.

Both of our lip gloss bases are long lasting, comfortable to wear, and irresistibly shiny and glossy. They vary in many ways, giving you the options and allowing you to choose the formula better suited for you and your customers needs. Clear Gloss is a completely colorless silicone based gloss without any thickeners or plasticisers. This gloss base has a thinner, lighter texture than our Cream Lip Gloss Base. Alternately, our Cream Lip Gloss Base a super thick, oil based gloss that's thickened with eco friendly waxes and polymers. Cream Gloss has a translucent golden color before pigment, yet this hue doesn't effect the final color of the product. Both Glosses are well loved and repurchased by our customers. Their differences give you, the business owner, and your customers, unique options that help to set Lip Kit Laboratory apart from the dime a dozen Versagel vendors.

On top of Lip Gloss, we also offer 2 completely unique Liquid Lipstick bases that can take your brand to the next level. What does the average Versagel Lip Gloss business lack? High quality, luxurious liquid lipstick! Our Matte Liquid Lipstick Base is a home run-- on the lips it's long lasting and feels light to wear, not flaky and cakey. From a formulation standpoint, it takes pigment well and dries slowly, so you don't have to worry about it evaporating in the container as you work through your bulk container. Our Matte Liquid Lipstick Base was modeled after the most expensive, highly sought after matte liquid lipsticks sold in department stores. While our recipe is unique, it stands up to fan favorite liquid lips time and again. We also offer a Satin Liquid Lipstick Base, which is our most unique lip base. Our Satin base is light and buttery, and the most like a traditional bullet lipstick, but in a liquid. Our Satin base goes on shiny, but dries down slightly for a semi-gloss satiny finish. With proper pigmentation, our Satin Liquid Lipstick is sure to make a statement.

All of our lip bases are available in small quantities so you don't have to commit to a large bulk size right away. We offer batch certified lake and oxide pigments finely milled in castor oil, and over 45 shimmery powdered mineral mica colors, so you can custom blend one of a kind shades that will have your customers returning to your shop time and again. Your business is unique. Let it stand out with unique lip bases and color additives from Lip Kit Laboratory.

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