Eye Catching, Magical Multi Chrome Powders for Eyeshadow

If you follow the beauty industry, it's certain that you've come across "multi chrome" or "transition" eyeshadow looks. These pigments shift between 3 or 4 different colors, depending on the angle and how the light hits them. These beautiful pigments have become extremely popular, yet extremely hard to find from US sources!

Our "Cosmic Transitions" Powder Color Collection features 7 of these stunning pigments. Each one is unique, and almost impossible to photograph. They morph and change at every angle, and have an incredible metallic shimmer effect. Combined with our Mixing Medium and Zinc Stearate, they become show stopping pressed pigments.

Whether you are a makeup lover who wants to create their own magical eyeshadows, or a small business wanting to offer these products to your loyal customers, Lip Kit Laboratory has options for you.

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