Make Gel Eyeshadow, Blush, Bronzer, & Highlighter with our new Gel Base!

Our simple to use Gel Base is light weight and can be used to create an array of stunning cosmetics. It's compatible with both our Powder Colors for shimmery eyeshadows and highlighters, and Liquid Colors for natural looking blushes, contour and bronzers. Or, use them both to create your own stunning blends!

Our Gel Base is ready to use - there is no need for preservative or any other ingredients, besides pigment. To add Powder Color, measure out about 75% Gel Base and 25% Powder Color (3 parts Gel Base to 1 part Powder Color. Stir, and package. It's as easy as that! To add Liquid Color, you'll need to measure out about 85% Gel Base and 15% Liquid Color. Our Powder Colors will create a shimmer effect, and our Liquid Colors will give a more sheer, sparkle-free finish. Any combination of Liquid and Powder Colors can be used. Your imagination is your only limitation ✨

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