Make Your Own Pigmented, Metallic Eyeshadow

Duplicate the rich, buttery eyeshadows you see on Instagram with supplies from Lip Kit Laboratory. We now offer Mixing Medium, 26 mm Round Magnetic Pans, Pressing Tools, Binding Powder, and 70 different Powder Colors to mix and match your ideal eyeshadow palette.

Making your own Metallic Eyeshadows couldn't be more simple. Our Mixing Medium is a smooth and silky silicone blend that acts as a pigment intensifier once combined with shimmering Powder Color. Once your Powder Colors, Zinc Stearate, and Mixing Medium have been combined and poured into pans, in about 24 hours the volatile compounds in the Mixing Medium will have evaporated, and your eyeshadows can be pressed to increase durability of the pans. Zinc Stearate acts as a binding agent when pressing the eyeshadow. The finished product is an ultra intense, bold eyeshadow that's sure to turn heads!

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