Pressing Tools for 26mm Round Pans - Choose Between Plain or Patterned

Pressing Tools for 26mm Round Pans - Choose Between Plain or Patterned


Plain or Patterned Pressing for our 26mm round eyeshadow pans, now available individually or in bulk! 


Our Pressing Tools are easy to use and give you the option of a plain or patterned 26mm eyeshadow. Once your eyeshadows have been poured and dried, gently lay our Pressing Ribbon over your shadow and press the Pressing Tool of your choice firmly and evenly into the eyeshadow. 


Our Plain Pressing Tool is the best choice to economically press your eyeshadows. There will be a slight texture to your eyeshadow by using Pressing Ribbon, but otherwise the eyeshadow will be smooth and not feature any pattern. Each Plain Pressing Tool has a protective film over it which can be removed prior to use. It should be washed and dried between uses. 


Our Patterned Pressing Tools, also featured in our DIY Palette Kits, are the best way to add a bit of flair to individual eyeshadows or palettes! Still using the Pressing Ribbon, these basic designs will show up on the top of your eyeshadows prior to use. There will be a slight pattern from the Pressing Ribbon, but the design of the press will be visible in the finished eyeshadow. Each Patterened Pressing Tool is made of brass and should be washed and thoroughly dried between uses, to prevent rust. 

  • Product Info

    Every Lip Kit Laboratory product and ingredient is Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Non-GMO.


    Our Pressing Tools are made from either plastic, or wood & brass.

  • Return & Refund Policy

    Please reach out to us immediately if you experience an issue of any sort with your Pressing Tools.

    Pressing Tools that arrive defective or damaged in transit will either be refunded or replaced at no cost to the customer. Example of a damaged or defective Pressing Tools include cracked or broken tools, etc. Please include photos and a description of the damage when contacting Customer Service. 

    If you are unsatisfied with your Pressing Tools, it can be returned for a full refund minus return shipping. Returns are only valid prior to use of the Pressing Tools. Once you begin to use your Pressing Tools, it is ineligible for returns. 

  • Fulfillment Policy

    Shipping within the United States is always fast and free! All Lip Kit Laboratory orders ship via USPS Priority or First Class Mail with no additional charge to you. We will ship your order within 1-2 business days.

    Shipping for international orders will be calculated using current USPS rates. For a quote from other shipping providers, please contact customer service.